What's the difference between the BS and BA programs?

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science generally requires more science hours while the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Computer Science offers a broader-based education with more required humanities and liberal arts courses.

The curriculum for the the BS differs from the BA program in a number of substantial ways:


Math 15300 (Algebra And Trig I), Math 15400 (Algebra And Trig II),Stat 30100 (Intro. Statistics)

Math 16500 (Calculus I),  Math 16600 (Calculus II),  Math 17100 (Multidimensional), Math 35100 or 51100 (Linear Algebra), Stat 35100 (Statistics) or Stat 41600 (Probability) or Stat 51100 (Statistical Methods)
Science4 science courses from approved list, including one laboratory course4 science courses from approved list, including Phys 15200 (Mechanics) and at least one laboratory course
Foreign Language10 cr. hr. or equivalent requiredNone required 
Core Computer Science Courses5 required9 required
Applied Computer Science CoursesAllows 8 or moreUp to 3
Elective Courses from Other Schools8-11cr. hr. free electives; up to 5 can be chosen from 300-400 level theoretical or applied courses; or courses leading to  a chosen minor in business, economics, or other liberal arts/social science disciplines  Up to 6 cr. hr. plus up to 13 cr. hr. free electives; no applied courses 

Details of all undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the IUPUI bulletin. Download degree checklists and plans of study for both programs here.