Science majors at IUPUI have a head start on life.


A solid science foundation yields significant results.

The habits developed through the study of science are ones that will serve you for a lifetime—no matter where your degree takes you. Scientific research requires not only evidence and logic, but also honesty, creativity, patience, and openness to new ideas. The problem-solving and reasoning skills you develop, as well as an increased understanding of science, will provide a great foundation for approaching any type of work and engaging your community.

Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

*The environmental science and geology B.S. degrees are awarded by Indiana University; all other B.S. degrees are awarded by Purdue University.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs

**The geology B.A. degree is awarded by Indiana University; all other B.A. degrees are awarded by Purdue University.

Pre-Health & Pre-Law Professions Programs

At the School of Science at IUPUI, students seeking professional careers in law, medicine, dentistry or other healthcare fields are exposed to opportunities that no other school in the state of Indiana can offer. Students will have real-world working experience, research and leadership opportunities in one of the five surrounding hospitals, access to the IU School of Medicine and the IU School of Dentistry. Learn More.