CS Seminar: Friend or Foe? Your Wearable Devices Reveal Your Personal PIN

Friday, 22 September 2017 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
Xiaonan Guo, Ph.D.
SL 061
The proliferation of wearable devices, e.g., smartwatches and activity trackers, with embedded sensors has already shown its great potential 
on monitoring and inferring human daily activities. In this talk, I will present a serious security breach of wearable devices in the context of 
divulging secret information (i.e., key entries) while people accessing key-based security systems. Existing methods of obtaining such secret 
information relies on installations of dedicated hardware (e.g., video camera or fake keypad), or training with labeled data from body sensors, 
which restrict use cases in practical adversary scenarios. I will show that a wearable device can be exploited to discriminate mm-level distances 
and directions of the user’s fine-grained hand movements, which enable attackers to reproduce the trajectories of the user’s hand and further 
to recover the secret key entries.