CS Seminar Series "Lock-free, Client-side Sharding with Online Addition of Shards"

Friday, 21 April 2017 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
SL 061

Abstract: We will describe a client-side sharding system to determine the shard that a document belongs to. The database clients support a limited set of (NoSQL like) operations. We will describe a scheme for rebalancing data between shards when new shards are added. The rebalancer is a client of each shard similar to the other clients in the system. We describe the algorithms required to present a consistent view to clients of the sharded database system during rebalancing. These algorithms permit a limited set of database operations to be executed in a lock-free fashion. Our clients do not rely on any notion of logical or global clocks to achieve a consistent partial event ordering.

About the Speaker: Dr. Omkar Tilak is currently working as a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle. He is a member of the Oracle Public Cloud group. He has almost six years of software development experience designing distributed, scalable and highly available systems. Omkar graduated from Purdue University where his Ph.D. research focused on distributed reinforcement learning algorithms and his M.S. research focused on software component specification. In his spare time, Omkar likes to travel and reads books on history, science and technology.