Research Seminar--"Energy Efficient Provisioning of Batch Jobs in Virtualized Data Centers"

Friday, 20 November 2015 - 11:00am
Umesh Bellur
SL 012

The Department of Computer & Information Science hosts Dr. Umesh Bellur for our Research Seminar series; Dr. Bellur will present a talk on "Energy Efficient Provisioning of Batch Jobs in Virtualized Data Centers."  The seminar will be held Friday, November 20th at 11am in Room SL 012.

Abstract: Energy takes about half the operational expense of data centers, making energy conservation a critical goal.  Fine-grained control over frequency of processors aids in reducing power at the cost of performance degradation.  Placing tasks on servers is formulated as a bin packing and tight packing is considered to be energy conserving as idle servers can be shut down.  However, we reveal that due to neglecting task deadline and operating at higher frequency leads to higher energy consumption compared to distributing tasks over a larger number of machines at lower frequencies.

In this talk, we explore how to provision tasks in an energy-optimal manner.  We show that task-based provisioning and placement is a variable-sized bin packing problem and analyze energy efficiency of 14 classical and proposed heuristics for different distributions of task deadline requirements.  We establish that tight packing leads to higher energy usage and we need to consider the task deadline when provisioning.  Our heuristics save as much as 65% energy when compared to existing greedy heuristics for an instance of provisioning.

Umesh Bellur is a Professor of Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in India.  His areas of research include virtualization and cloud computing, distributed event based systems and data center management.  He has received the IBM Faculty Award, as well as the SAP Research Innovation Award, for his work on autonomic management of enterprise applications as well as a number of grants from IBM, Motorola, Netapp and other leading enterprises for his work in virtualization and cloud computing.  He is currently on a sabbatical from IIT Bombay and is a Visiting Professor at Purdue University, CIS.