M.S. Program: Research Option

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The objective of the Research Program is to develop a general knowledge of computer science, deep in a specific area, and an ability to do independent research. The student learns research techniques by working in close cooperation with a faculty member while doing the thesis research. This program requires 6-9 credit hours of thesis work and at least 21 hours of graduate level course work.

The Graduate Program offers a wide selection of courses from which the individual chooses, in consultation with the graduate advisor, in order to acquire the background necessary for doing the thesis research. The individual includes a sufficient number of courses to complete the remainder of his or her 30-credit program beyond the two core courses and the six to nine credit hours of thesis. These are identified on the formal Plan of Study, which the Graduate Program Committee must approve.


If you have any questions regarding the Computer & Information Science  Graduate Program please contact admissions@cs.iupui.edu.