M.S. Program: Applied Option

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The objective of the Applied Program is to develop in the student skills and knowledge of the computer science fundamentals and an ability to apply these to practical problems. The student has two options in the applied program, the project option and the course option.

For project students, a project is completed, usually from her or his work environment or internship, or a faculty member' s work. Its objective is to provide an integrative experience by applying to a complex problem of a practical nature the theory and skills learned in the course work.The objective of the course work is to provide breadth of knowledge to the professional as well as specialized knowledge in the areas that the project will require. The graduate of this program is prepared to adapt and respond quickly to the employer' s specialized requirements. The Applied Program, project option, requires three - six credits of work in a Project Course and at least 24 hours of additional graduate course credit. The Project normally involves at least two semesters of intensive work. The student carries out the project under the supervision of a faculty member. It is highly recommended that there also be a mentor from the sponsoring organization in cases that the project has a non academic sponsor.

The course only option requires no thesis or project, and is comprised of thirty (30) credit hours of course work successfully completed, including at least one course from each of four out of six foundational areas.


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