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The degree of Doctor of Philosophy can be pursued in the Department ofComputer and Information Science  through the Purdue University Graduate School. The Doctoral Program is designed to prepare students for a career in Computer Science Research. This includes coursework to provide breadth and background knowledge in the intended area of research, qualifying course examinations to ensure a solid knowledge of the discipline, an oral qualifying examination to ensure depth of knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge to fellow researchers, and extensive research training and experience.

Applicants to the program must have a four-year bachelor's or equivalent degree. We place great weight on the quality of the institution. The applicant must have adequate computer science background, as determined by the admissions committee.

Program Curriculum

The doctoral program curriculum follows the requirements of the Purdue University PhD program at All PhD students must adhere to the Purdue University requirements applicable at the time of their admission.

Area Course(s)
Artificial IntelligenceCSCI 57200
DatabasesCSCI 54100, 54200,64100
Algorithms and ComplexityCSCI 58000, 58400
Geometric Modeling, Visualization, and GraphicsCSCI 53000, 53100, 53500, 58600, 55000
Numerical ComputingCSCI 51400, 51500, 52000,61400, 61500
Parallel and Distributed ComputingCSCI 53700, 60300
SecurityCSCI 52600, 55500,62600, 65500
Simulation and ModelingCSCI 54300, 54400
Software EngineeringCSCI 51000
Systems I (Compilers and Programming Languages)CSCI 50200, 56500
Systems II (Networks and Operating Systems)CSCI 50300, 53600,63600, 63800

The table of areas and courses is revised periodically. The removal of a course from the table will not alter the fulfillment of requirements already fulfilled by that course.

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