Ph.D. Plan of Study

The plan of study must be approved by the advisory committee and the graduate committee, and must be filed by the end of the semester in which the student completes the qualifying process.

The plan of study must include the following courses:

The four courses chosen to satisfy the Qualifying Examination, Part 1.

Five additional three-credit level 5 or 6 courses, other than individual courses, approved by the student's advisory committee and the graduate committee. These courses need not be taken in the department or even at Purdue, but they cannot have been used to satisfy requirements for an undergraduate degree nor can they cause the student's doctoral plan of study to include courses from more than one master's program.

The GPA on the plan of study must be at least 3.5. The grades in courses taken at other institutions must be A or B or the equivalent. If a course is repeated, only the last grade, even if lower, is used to compute all GPAs involving that course. Preliminary Examination

The preliminary examination tests the student's competence in a research area and readiness for research on some specific problem. The content of the examination is at the discretion of the examining committee. The examination may consist, for example, of a presentation by the student of papers relevant to a research topic agreed upon by the student and the committee; or it may consist of a proposal for thesis research; or it may involve an oral examination over the material in appropriate courses beyond the qualifying level.

The examining committee normally will consists of the student's oral qualifying examination committee, augmented by the student's IUPUI advisor. Changes to the examination committee must be approved by the IUPUI and West Lafayette graduate committees. The preliminary examination is to be taken by the end of the third semester following the one in which the student completes the qualifying process and at least two semesters before the examination on the thesis

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