Computer science faculty awarded Department of Homeland Security Grant

Release Date: 
Jan 25 2017
Dr. James Hill, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer & Information Science
Dr. James H. Hill

INDIANAPOLIS -- The IUPUI Computer Science Department is pleased to announce Associate Professor, Dr. James Hill has been awarded a $679,493 4-year Department of Homeland Security grant in partnership with Kestrel Technology, Aspect Security and Secure Decisions aimed at modernizing open source static code analysis tools.

These tools check source code for potential vulnerabilities that can potentially compromise security.  As the only academic institution in this collaboration, IUPUI’s role stems from Dr. Hill’s research over the past 3 years assessing current static analysis tools.  The expertise he brings to the project will help the companies involved understand the shortcomings in current tools that need to be addressed.  The DHS award, officially entitled, “Static Analysis Architecture and Lifecycle Implementation, Test and Evaluation (STARLITE)" will provide funds to be used to support IUPUI undergraduate and graduate students involved in this research. 

“The goal is to improve status code analysis tools while training our next generation workforce in understanding problems in software security,” Dr. Hill said. “I’m excited to be part of a great time that has the potential to have a major impact in the area of software security.”

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