CSCI 49000: Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT) – Project-Based Learning in Cyber Technology

Release Date: 
Dec 29 2016

INDIANAPOLIS - The Department of Computer and Information Science partnered with the School of Science to enhance the IoT from a simulation-based course to a novel, project-based learning approach allowing students access to IoT hardware devices such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino along with various sensors and actuators to create innovative, real-life final projects.  Taught by Professor Yao Liang and assisted by Ph.D. student Xiaoyang Zhong, students learned IoT principles and developments through a series of three projects beginning with a single hardware system to developing their own fully functional IoT prototype.  Due to the innovative teaching techniques of this course, it has exploded in popularity, more than doubling in size this Fall. This year’s Final Project Demonstrations included:

 Smart home using Arduino, by Arlo Paulson and Austin Dowell 

 Multiple sensors/actuators are used to control the door, A/C, light, etc. of a modeling house,  demonstrating the idea of a smart home. This idea can also be extended to smart toys.



Intrusion detection using multiple Raspberry Pi devices, by Joseph Wessel and Timothy Whitfield

One device is attached in the doorway to detect intrusion, through laser and motion sensor. The data is transmitted to another server device. The user will be notified when intrusion is detected. 



 CoffeeMate using Raspberry Pi, by John Baker and Armen Nahapetian

 The CoffeeMate is an easy setup device that allows you to control your coffee machine remotely.



Smart Christmas tree using Arduino, by Thomas Williams and Brandon Troxell

Arduino is used to control the LED strip decorated on a Christmas tree, for multiple brightness and patterns and is adaptive to user preferences. 





 Smart Watering using Arduino, by Darren Dixon and Bryce Poeppel

 With the Smart Watering device you don’t need to worry about your plants any more. It will water the  plants  whenever it detects the soil is dry!

 The IoT is offered to undergraduate students in the Department of Computer and Information Science every Fall  Semester.  More information can be found here: