IUPUI Ph.D. Student Develops Algorithm to Create 2D Map of the Brain

Release Date: 
Apr 28 2017

INDIANAPOLIS - IUPUI Computer Science Ph.D. student, Huang Li contributed the February 2017 cover image for Brain Imaging and Behavior, a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes clinical research using neuroimaging approaches of disorders of higher brain functions. The panoramic brain image is the result of a new Spherical Volume Rendering algorithm applied to a human brain MRI image dataset.

Developed under the supervision of Dr. Shiaofen Fang and Dr. Li Shen, Huang Li’s rendering generates a single 2D map (Atlas) of the entire brain volume to provide a better global visual evaluation for brain-image analysis applications, such as the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The color-coding represents the different brain regions and their connectivity patterns in brain connectome networks.