Xia Ning Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Current Research

Dr. Xia Ning’s lab focuses its research on Data Mining, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics, with particular applications in Chemical Informatics, Medical Informatics, Health Informatics and e-commerce.

Ning’s lab develops effective data mining and machine learning methodologies and algorithms to facilitate rapid and targeted exploration over chemical and biological spaces to identify future successful drugs. Ning’s lab also develops innovative computational tools for various problems raised in medicine, including high-order drug-drug interaction classification and prediction; cancer drug prioritization and selection, etc. 

Ning’s lab also conducts research for applications in e-commerce, in which they develop personalized and scalable methods and software tools to discover knowledge regarding users' personal preferences, intentions and behavior patterns, etc, from their purchases activities, social networks, click traces, online reviews, etc, and correspondingly produce personalized recommendations.

Ning’s lab is current supported by NSF, IUPUI OVCR, IUPUI CTL, IURTC, and IUSM Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CCBB).

Lab URL http://cs.iupui.edu/~xning/