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Current Projects

eDOTS (Enhanced Distributed Object Tracking System)

  • Project Description: eDOTS is an active academic research project involving the creation of an opportunistic indoor tracking system with the goal of providing highly accurate tracking estimates in an indoor environment. Indoor tracking is significantly more difficult than its outdoor counterpart due to the nature of indoor environments (lack of wireless signal reception or line of sight) and the tolerance for estimated error with the positional estimate. This work focuses on the discovery and classification of sensors in previously unknown environments and then using optimization techniques in an attempt to find the optimal subset of sensors to be used for tracking. Other areas that are covered as part of this project are multi-sensor data fusion and the use of positioning techniques and algorithms (Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, Vision, NFC, GPS, and Inertial sensors) for determining an objects given location.    
  • Project Advisor(s): Dr. Rajeev Raje and Dr. Mihran Tuceryan
  • Project Website:
  • Project Status: Active