Q & A with Jenny Kieffaber, 2013 Alumnus, BS Computer Science

Jenny Kieffaber, 2013 Alumnus, BS Computer Science

Where are you currently working?

I am a Software Engineer on the Predictive Intelligence Services team at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.  I started working for a small software company called iGoDigital in 2009.  iGoDigital was acquired by ExactTarget in 2012, and ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce in July of 2013.  My responsibilities include implementation of customers on our Recommendation and Guided Selling platforms.  That includes writing code, writing tests, creating importers, documentation of my work, and showing our customer-facing team how the implementations work.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

I absolutely love the people that I work with.  They are the reason I enjoy my work and don't mind working late to hit a deadline.  I also really enjoy the fact that my work in task based.  So that allows the job to be very flexible around schedules and physical work locations.

What accomplishment are you most proud of at this point? 

I am most proud of a project I worked on as a Slingshot at ExactTarget last summer.  It was a project that integrated iGoDigital into the ExactTarget application.  This project was demo'd on the MainStage at Connections, ExactTarget's yearly digital marketing conference.

How did your time at IUPUI help you reach your goals? 

My time at IUPUI helped me move into a role as a developer.  Previous to my studies at IUPUI, I was working as a Data Analyst and doing lots of tedious work.  IUPUI gave me the fundamentals to be a competent developer.  I develop for scale and reusability, not just to accomplish one task.

What is your lasting impression of the Department of Computer and Information Science? 

My lasting impression of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences would have to be it was worth all the effort.  I already had a great job, so I was just finishing the degree for a technicality.  My senior level classes forced me to be a better and faster developer.  The CIS department may be tough, but it was definitely worth it.