Q & A with Thanh Nguyen, 2012 Alumnus, BS Computer Science

Thanh Nguyen, 2012 Alumnus, BS Computer Science

Where are you currently working?

I am currently a research assistant (PhD student) in the Department of Computer and Information Science at IUPUI. I help Dr. Yuni Xia in the Electronic Health Record project. In this project, Dr. Xia and I will implement data mining algorithms in practice. I also am a member (volunteer) of Indiana Center of System Biology and Personal Medicine directed by Dr. Jake Chen. My task is developing algorithms for simulation and modeling human biomarker system and drug therapy. I joined projects directed by Dr. Mukhopadhyay and Dr. Tuceryan, as well.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?

Research, absolutely. To research is always to find the new things. It is always challenging, it motivates me to think critically and creatively.

How did your time at IUPUI help you reach your goals?

IUPUI was the place where I started my research career. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Mukhopadhyay for guiding my first steps in research and assigning me tasks which fit with my strongholds. Research is like a campaign, which requires the strategist not only to think quickly but also to think further ahead, to adjust strategy when the situation changes, and to be patient. I am also thankful to Dr. Jake Chen. He helps improve my thinking through discussion, sometimes debate, so that I can not only propose a solution but also defend the solution against critics.