Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Computer Science

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Deliver Innovation Wherever Your Passion Leads

With a degree in applied computer science, you’ll be ready to design the future of medicine, business, engineering, and the arts. In the Department of Computer and Information Science at IUPUI, applied computer science students investigate the ways fundamental theories can be translated into real-world applications. Committed to having real impact in their work and community, our graduates emerge armed with the technical proficiency, project management skills, communication expertise, and analytical skills needed to develop innovative solutions to the toughest technology challenges.

High Growth Jobs with Impact in Every Field

Computer science is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. With a degree in applied computer science from IUPUI, you’ll be prepared for these jobs and for lifetime of interesting and important work. From medicine and industry to the arts, you’ll know how to collaborate with the best minds to turn theory into reality.

What kind of job are available? Database Development • Visual Basic Development • Web Development  • Multimedia Development • System & Network Administration • Programmer/Analyst • Technical Writing • Sales & Marketing
Where? Anywhere your passion takes you.

The Department believes that students should know what knowledge, skills, and abilities they should be expected to demonstrate upon completing the Bachelor of Arts program.  To this end, the student learning outcomes to be obtained are available here.

What's the difference between the BA & BS programs?

Requirements & Course of Study

The B.A. in Applied Computer Science offers a balance of theoretical and applied computing coursework to prepare a student for multiple pathways into the information technology workforce. The student’s additional coursework in the liberal arts and social sciences further enhances communication skills and understanding of issues in other sectors of the economy.  The program requires 120 credit hours including core courses in computer science that are supplemented by applied electives and rounded out with courses in algebra and statistics, foreign language, communications, liberal arts and social sciences. This program allows students flexibility in pursuing a minor or undergraduate certificate program of their choice.

Details of the degree requirements will soon be available in IUPUI bulletin.

Download degree planning & check sheets.

Capstone Experience

The senior capstone provides students with an excellent opportunity to complete their academics through large team projects, research or internships. These hands-on experiences cultivate technical expertise, utilization of analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, project management skills, and communication skills.