CSCI N331 Syllabus

Department of Computer and Information Science
CSCI N331 Problem Solving with Visual Basic Syllabus

Fall, 2000

Lecture - B571, Lab B572

Mon , Weds1:30 - 3:00 ES 2132
Andy Harris, SL280D 274-8491

Tentative Schedule

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Final Exam!

Week of: Lecture Lab
8/23 Introduction and history Your first program
8/28 Objects and Forms The Sampler
9/4 Labor day - No classes The Colorful Clock
9/11 Properties, Events, and Methods The Colorful Clock
9/18 Variables and Scope The Math Machine
9/25 Conditions and Loops The Super Looper
10/2 Arrays and Images The Animator
10/9 Midterm Exam Midterm Project
10/16 Menus and the Common Dialog The Text Editor
10/23 Modules and Records The Quiz Machine
10/30 Random Access Databases The Address Book
11/6 Animation and Graphics Your Animation
11/13 Grids and Combo Boxes The Checkbook
11/20 APIs, DLLs, and OCXs Work on Final Projects
11/27 The Access Database Engine Work on final projects
12/4 Final Projects Due Show Final Projects
Final Exam This is a Monday!
Note the time change!!!

Class Description

By the end of this course, students will have the skills to design, create, test, and debug a fully functioning Windows program. This class is designed for people with some computer experience, but no previous experience with programming is necessary. The course is designed to teach programming and problem - solving practices which are applicable to any programming environment, but with specific emphasis on the Visual Basic programming language and the Windows operating environment. The class will include lectures and discussion supplemented by hands-on exercises. Students can expect to spend 2-6 hours per week on programming assignments beyond scheduled lab times
	 Midterm and Final Exam:		20% each	
	 14 Lab assignments:		40% for all	
	 Final programming project:	20%		

Office Hours

Please call ahead at 274-8491 for an appointment. You can also email me at: or visit my homepage at This page has general information about me, some interesting links, and a couple of good resources for VB programmers. (That's YOU!!!)


Debbie has a posting (unofficial) of lab grades for this class. To get to these grades, point your browser at

Academic Misconduct

It is the purpose of this class for you to learn new things. The only way you can learn is to do the work. Academic conduct will be dealt with in accordance to the Student code of Conduct and School of Science policies. The normal penalty for serious violations of the conduct code such as plagiarism and stealing exams is a failing grade for the course. Anyone who tries honestly will probably be able to pass.

My philosophy and teaching style

I like programming, and I LOVE teaching. I am eager for the opportunity to work with you and learn with you. The material we will be studying will ben new to many of you. I plan to work very hard to have a class that is interesting, informative, and enjoyable. Programming a computer is a difficult endeavor to learn, but you will find that if you devote the time and energy it deserves, you will find this an extremely enjoyable new skill I ask that each of you commit to come to each session prepared and eager to have fun, participate, and learn. I'm going to really enjoy working with you this semester.