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CSCI 230

Section Information

Welcome to CSCI 230 Computing I. Please look over the Schedule and syllabus. Assignments and other links will be made available on this site.

Please note that the assignments listed here are alternatives to the official assignments on canvas. I've kept them here as a backup because sometimes canvas does not work properly. The canvas information is official. Any information here should be considered additional resources.

Most of the examples used in this course are available as source code on this page. Check here if you're looking for a program I described in class.

Introduction to Information Manipulator

Binary Notation

Negative and Floating Representation

Instructions and Machine Language

Basic Python

Making an interactive program

String Manipulation

Working with numeric data

Managing lists

Branching with if statements

Using While loops and the Debugger

Using functions


GUIs with Tk


Python and the Web

Game Development