Miracle - JavaScript Conversion Chart

Tool Pseudocode JavaScript
New Program Create a program called name by author that does purpose on date
  function main(){
    // author, date, purpose  
New Variable Make a variable called name of type type starting with the value init that does purpose
  var name = init; //type, purpose 
output output the value value to the user
input ask the user question and store response in variable
  variable = prompt(question);
assignment assign value to variable
  variable = value;
to integer force variable to be converted to an integer
  variable = parseInt(variable);
to upper case convert stringVar to upper case
  stringVar = stringVar.toUpperCase();
random place a random real number between 0 and 1 in variable
  variable = Math.random();
if branch if variable comparison value
  if(variable == value){
  } // end if  
for loop for counter goes from start to finish stepping by inc
  for(counter = start; counter <= end; counter += inc){
  } // end for
while loop while variable comparison value
  while(variable == value){
  } // end while  
Andy Harris