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Welcome to CSCI N343 / Informatics I210

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the tools and problem-solving methodologies related to computer programming. Our primary focus will be underlying problem-solving and information-management techniques. The lecture will discuss general concepts and syntax, whereas the lab will focus upon implementation and practice. The specific language implementation will be in Python, a language known for its straightforward syntax and wide extensibility.

Spring 2007 Information

Instructor: Andy Harris, email

I'm in my office (SL 280) Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11:00 until 12:00 or email me for another appointment.
Email is the best way to reach me. Phone messages are not usually recieved in time.

Lecture: TR 12:00 SL 251

Informatics Students

This class is cross-listed as CSCI N343 (Object-Oriented Programming for the web) and INFO I210 (Information Infrastructure I.) The informatics section is 4 credits and the CSCI section is 3 credits, so INFO students will be assigned an extra paper around midterm to make up for the extra credit hour.


Here's some links to potentially useful materials on problem-solving techniques:

Background, History, and Fundamentals of Computing


Machine Language Materials

Python Notes

Building a GUI

Relational Databases

Python and SQL

Server-side programming in Python

Setting up a practice session

To use Python as a CGI environment, first you need to set up your system. Fortunately, everything you need is supplied with Python. Here's the steps to practice on your Windows machine...

Example CGI programs

Note these programs are not currently operational on this server - they are simply source code. Copy them to your own cgi-bin directory and run under your own server to test.