N351 Intro to Multimedia development

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This course covers a wide range of materials and software packages. This page contains several different kinds of links.

videos are videos from the older online version of this course. The videos are shot in rm format, which is best viewed with the 'real alternative' open-source media player available at http://www.codecguide.com/download_real.htm.

You are not required to watch the videos, but they area available as supplemental materials. I have only supplied videos for the technologies that are still used in this course. Some of the newer material (especially Blender) does not yet have video lectures available.

notes are lecture notes that supplement the topic. Since this course covers such a wide range of software, it is unreasonable to expect that the text will cover everything.

Software Throughout the course I will demonstrate multimedia concepts using actual software packages. The actual software used is not important, so I tend to demonstrate open-source tools. These packages are often quite good, and are available for free to download. Generally I link to the site where the software is available. In a few cases, I host the package directly on the IUPUI server (especially when an older version is more appropriate than the current version of a package.)

Multimedia Background

XHTML / CSS Review

Audio Basics

Audio Synthesis


Audio sampling and compression

Basic Raster Graphics

More Graphics

Image filters

Vector Graphics

Introducing Blender

Using the Edit mode

Basic shapes

More complex shapes

Procedural Textures

U/V mapping

Keyframe Animation

Skeleton Animation

Advanced 3D

Basic Gaming

Physics Engine

Game Interactivity

Game States


video tools