Department of Computer and Information Science
Fengguang Song Fengguang Song
Associate Professor

Office Phone: +1 (317) 274 7265
Office: SL 275
723 W. Michigan St., SL 280
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Ph.D., University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
M.Sc., University of British Columbia.

Research Interests

  • High Performance Computing
  • Advanced Parallel Algorithms
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Automated Performance Analysis and Optimization

Fengguang Song is an Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 2009, under the direction of Dr. Jack Dongarra. After receiving his PhD, he worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) between 2010 and 2012, then worked as a Senior Research Scientist till 2013 in the Computer Science Lab at Samsung Research America-Silicon Valley. Since 2013, Dr. Song has been working as a professor of computer science at IUPUI.


  • Operating Systems (CS503): Fall'13, Fall'14, Fall'15, Fall'16, Fall'17, Fall'18, Fall'19, Fall'20
  • Computer Architectures (CS402): Spring'14, Spr'15, Spr'16, Spr'17, Spr'18, Spr'19, Fall'19, Spr'20
  • High Performance Computing (CS590-HPC): Spring'16, Spring'17, Spring'18
  • Introduction to Parallel Computing Using GPUs (CS490/590-ParCoGPU): Fall'20
  • GPU Computing (CS590-GPGPU): Spring'19

Research Assistants

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  • David Cardwell, M.Sc. (2017 - 2019), Amazon
  • Zachary Haydock, M.Sc. (2018 - 2019), Johnson Control
  • Prateek Nagar, M.Sc. (2013 - 2015), Wolters Kluwer
  • Jeffery Kriske, M.Sc. (2013 - 2014), Eli Lilly

Education and Services

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Selected Publications (A full list on Google Scholar)

  1. Zheng, W., Wang, D., Song, F., "Design and Implementation of an Efficient Parallel Feel-the-Way Clustering Algorithm on High Performance Computing Systems", International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, November 2020.

  2. Fu, Y., Li, F., Song, F., Chen, Z., "Performance Analysis and Optimization of In-Situ Integration of Simulation with Data Analysis: Zipping Applications Up", 27th ACM International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC'18), Tempe, Arizona, June 2018.

  3. Fu, Y., Li, F., Song, F., Zhu, L., "Designing a Parallel Memory-Aware Lattice Boltzmann Algorithm on Manycore Systems", 30th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing, Lyon, France, September 2018.

  4. X. Liang, J. Chen, D. Tao, S. Li, P. Wu, H. Li, K. Ouyang, F. Song, Z. Chen, "Correcting Soft Errors Online in Fast Fourier Transform", ACM/IEEE Conference on Supercomputing (SC'17), Denver, CO, November 2017.

  5. Li, F., Song, F., "A Real-time Machine Learning and Visualization Framework for Scientific Workflows", Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing Conference (PEARC'17), ACM SIGAPP, New Orleans, LA, July 2017 (Best Student Paper Award).

  6. Song, F., Dongarra, J., "A Scalable Approach to Solving Dense Linear Algebra Problems on Hybrid CPU-GPU Systems", Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (2015).

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  8. Waddington, D., Colmenares, J., Kuang, J., Song, F., "KV-Cache: A Scalable High-Performance Web-Object Cache for Manycore", ACM/IEEE International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2013), Dresden, Germany, December 2013 (Best Paper Runner-up Award).

  9. Song, F., Dongarra, J., "A Scalable Framework for Heterogeneous GPU-Based Clusters", 24th ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA 2012), Pittsburgh, USA, June 2012.

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