Faculty: Shiaofen Fang

Shiaofen Fang

Professor and Department Chair
Department of Computer and Information Science
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
723 W. Michigan St., SL280, Indianapolis, IN 46202
Email: sfang@cs.iupui.edu
Tel: (317) 274-9731
Fax: (317) 274-9742

Research Summary

My primary research interests are in visualization, biomedical imaging, computer graphics, and geometric modeling. My early research focus had been on Volume Visualization and Volume Graphics. Major projects include deformable volume modeling and rendering, hardware assisted voxelization, volume fusion, 3D microscopy visualization, and immersive volume visualzation. A common theme of these research projects is the efficient and effective visaulization of scientific data. Although this line of research is still a major part of my work, my recent research interests have been shifted more towards the direction of medical image analysis and visual data mining. These include 3D image analysis for medical diagnosis, surface analysis of medical scans, 3D surface reconstruction, and knowledge discovery through information visualization.


Fall 2016 Teaching:
CSCI 550: Computer Graphics