CSCI N100 Introduction to Computers and Computing
Lab: Problem Solving - STAIR

Save the file with the name STAIR. Use of any other file name will be -5 point deduction. When your finished submit the file to Oncourse Assignments Problem-Solving

  1. STATE THE PROBLEM-Describe your problem in plain English.
    What was the problem that you solved? Did you have a flat tire; lock yourself out of the house; lose something? Just state in one sentence the problem. (20 points)
  2. TOOLS AVAILABLE-What are your tools?
    What were the tools you used to solve the problem? The tools are the items (and people) that you used. (20 points)
  3. ALGORITHM-This should be the largest portion of the statement, describing what your plan is.
    Describe your algorithm ("plan of action") when you first started to try to solve the problem. Explain here how you used each of the tools you listed in the previous step. This is the step-by-step directions of the plan - all the details. (20 points)
  4. IMPLEMENTATION-How did you put the plan in motion?
    How did you implement your algorithm? This is where you tell how you put the plan into action. Example - you made the phone call to AAA, etc. (20 points)
  5. REFINEMENT-Did you need to change anything?
    What part(s) of the STAIR process needed refinement? How did you refine the affected steps? This is where you explain what went wrong. Example - you tried to call someone but no answer so you had to call another person for help, etc. If your problem was resolved in the first try, then say it was a success. (20 points)

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