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Natural Resources

The main natural resources of India are iron ore, bauxite, and copper ore. India is one of the major producers of iron in the world. Iron ore is found all over India, the major contributers being the states of Bihar and Orissa. A quarter of all mining is carried out in the southern part of Orissa. Gold, silver, and diamonds make up a small part of other natural resources available in India. The gemstones are found in Rajasthan.

Major portion of the energy in India is generated from coal. It is estimated that India has around 120 billion tons of coal in reserve, enough to last for around 120 years. Huge reserves of petroleum have been found off the coast of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Electrical energy generated by hydroelectric power, coal, and nuclear energy. Half of the hydroelectric power is generated by snowfield reservoirs high up in the Himalayas. Huge dams have also been built accross many major rivers to produce electricity and water for irrigation. In villages around India, people use wood or dried cow-dung cakes as fuel for cooking and heating water. The demand for firewood and the increasing population is affecting the existing forests. It is estimated each year 3.7 million acres of forest are cut down to provide timber, paper pulp and firewood.

Uday B. Murthy
Created: Feb 27, 1996

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