Homework #2 (110 points)

Due: Thursday, Sept. 27

All numbered problems are from the course text by A. Leon-Garcia and I. Widjaja.

All submitted work must be your own contribution and nobody else's! Collaboration in homework is not allowed.

  1. [15 points]Text, problem 5-11.
  2. [15 points]Text, Problem 5-25.
  3. [35 points]Text, Problem 5-27 (Hint: you can use any language. For simplicity, assume it is a unidirectional transmission. Moreover, the error in a frame or an ACK can be treated as the sender or receiver refrains from sending the frame or the ACK.)
  4. [15 points]Text, Problem 5-52, 53, 54.
  5. [15 points]Text, problem 3-63.
  6. [15 points] Suppose you are designing a Go-Back-N ARQ for a 986 Kbps point-to-point link with the propagation delay (two-way) 788 ms (say). Assuming each frame carries 3 KB of data (excluding header) , and no=na=25B, what is the window size for maximum efficiency? Suppose the bit error probability p=10-5, what is the efficiency of this Go-Back-N ARQ. [Recall 1 Kb =103b,1KB =1024 B, 1B=8b].

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