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School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2020

The IUPUI School of Science is excited to announce 37 of its undergraduate students have been recognized as a 2020 IUPUI Top 100 Student.

The IUPUI Top 100 Student Recognition Award honors students for their strength in scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities on campus, and civic and community service.

Nominations are made by IUPUI faculty and staff and then selected by a panel of alumni, faculty, and staff.

The awards are sponsored by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR).

Science students would have been recognized for their hard work and achievements at the annual IUPUI Top 100 Dinner and the IUPUI School of Science Honors Convocation in April, but all university events have been  cancelled due to  the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as school and state leaders work to keep everyone healthy and safe.

The following School of Science students were named to the 2020 Top 100:

Iyun M. Adebowale Chemistry and Psychology
Sara Alhaffar Biology
Sarah R. Ali Neuroscience
Rabiah Amjad Biology and Neuroscience
Cassandra M. Anderson Chemistry and German
Tyra G. Baker Psychology
Kamryn E. Benscoter Chemistry
Hamza Bhai Neuroscience
Jocelyn Blackburn Biology and Pre-Individualized Major
Raven N. Brzeszkiewicz Biology
Samuel W. Canner Computer Science and Physics
Alexa S. Carr Biology and Philanthropic Studies
Supriya Chittajallu Biology and Medical Humanities and Health Studies
Ethan C. Cornwell Biology
Kira M. Couch Biology and Spanish
Brynelle D’Rosa Biology and Neuroscience
Kylie A. Dennis Neuroscience
Kimberly T. Felipe Biology
Rutuj S. Gavankar Physics/Electrical Engineering Dual Degree
Isra N. Haider Biology and Medical Sociology
Myra A. Hussain: Math Teaching
James C. Jarrell Biology
Maheen Khan Biology and Neuroscience
Mohammad F. Khan Neuroscience
Jeongwon Lee Biology and Neuroscience
Shivansh Mahajan Chemistry
Veer Mahal Mathematics
Anna E. Martin Chemistry
Christina B. Martin Biology and Forensic and Investigative Science
Dakota R. Merkel Biology
Lance R. Noerenberg Neuroscience
Harry Sidhu Biology
Michael D. Smith Biology
Attiya D. White Psychology
Collin G. Wilkins Biology
William D. Wright Chemistry
Meredith C. Ziliak Neuroscience and Spanish


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