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Computer Science Travel Authorization Form

  • A Travel Authorization must be obtained by all current IUPUI Computer Science students, staff and faculty PRIOR to making any reservations, even if you are booking them yourself. 
  • If you haven't previously traveled with the university, you must go to One.IU and create a TEM (travel) profile. List Rachel Molina (ramolin) as your arranger.  
  • After travel is completed, you must submit receipts for travel (hotel, airline, taxi, parking, etc.)  Students must submit itemized meal receipts.  Alcoholic drinks will not be reimbursed per IU policy.
  • If you have any questions, please contact:
If you are traveling abroad, you must list your Passport Number, Expiration Date and Country of Origin.
If you are traveling internationally, please list how you plan to travel within the country (bus, train, etc) and if you are familiar with that county (i.e. have you been there before.)
Please add anything additional you would like your travel arranger/reimburser to know.
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