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Computer science student and athlete Jennifer Emery standing outside


From day one in computer science, you’ll receive the personal attention and support you need to be successful. Students here reap the benefits of small classes, an interactive learning environment and challenging material and work.

You'll be mentored by professors who are leaders in every important area of computer science. With a 11:1 student faculty ratio, you are sure to make a connection with our professors. As early as freshman year, all of our students have the opportunity to participate in research. The department maintains several research centers, which are funded in part by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

We're a community of learners and students thrive here. An active Computer Science Study Center assists all undergraduates in computer science courses with their work, and is open over 50 hours per week. Computer Science club, volunteer programs and interdisciplinary research are just a few of the opportunities for students to get involved outside of the classroom. We also boast a 100% job placement rate at graduation.

Improving technology, impacting everything 

In the Department of Computer and Information Science at IUPUI, applications
of computer science range from biological and life sciences to software development--involving every aspect of life from homeland security to archiving cultural heritage. Here, you'll develop and use innovative problem solving techniques to tackle the toughest technology challenges.

We're one of seven departments in the School of Science, situated in the heart of Indianapolis, near five hospitals, the Indiana University schools of medicine, dentistry and nursing, and countless science and technology companies. Through internships and undergrad research, our students have opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, across campus, and across the academic and business communities.

Committed to having real impact in their work and community, our graduates emerge armed with the technical proficiency, project management skills, communication expertise, and analytical skills needed to develop working solutions for the computing challenges of today--and tomorrow.

Message from the Chair

Welcome. We hope you'll take some time to browse through the site and discover the exciting research, teaching, and service activities in which our faculty members are involved. You'll find information on current news and activities of the department and at IUPUI, Indianapolis, and central Indiana as well. All degrees awarded are conferred by Purdue University.

The Department of Computer and Information Science is a part of the IUPUI School of Science. We offer courses that lead to the following degrees:

See Computer Science Degrees


I'm often asked why students should attend IUPUI rather than some other big-name institutions. There are many reasons; here are just a few:

  1. Faculty Interaction 

    The department maintains a student-faculty ratio of 10:1, which means you'll have more personal interaction with caring, full-time faculty. Our class sizes are kept small for both undergraduate and graduate students. Introductory undergraduate classes often have less than 50 students. Upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses routinely enroll 10-15 students.

  2. High-Quality Instruction 

    All required courses for our Bachelor of Science, Graduate Certificates, Master of Science, and PhD are taught by faculty, not graduate students. Faculty who truly care about your growth and development in computer science will be with you from day one.

  3. Research Opportunities 

    All students, including undergraduates, are exposed to research opportunities. Students at all levels often work one-on-one with talented senior faculty to conduct research and expand knowledge in the discipline. Recently, undergraduates have presented their work at state, regional, and national conferences, and have published in top journals alongside faculty.

We welcome your feedback and inquiries. Please call 317-274-9727 or e-mail admissions@cs.iupui.edu to get in touch with us.

Best Wishes,

Shiaofen Fang, PhD signature

Shiaofen Fang, PhD 
Professor and Chair

When I talk about something, whether it’s in the classroom or during my research, I get very energetic. I try to engage them and help them to think creatively and critically.

James H. Hill, Ph.D. Associate Professor
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