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Online graduate course option

The Department of Computer Science is pleased to announce that we are planning to offer an online graduate course option in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester.

At this time, we are still planning to offer a regular, on-campus version of these courses as well, but this may change at a later time due to the current evolving situation. The online option may be available for most graduate students in the program, including domestic students and international students who are unable to travel to campus for in-person enrollment.

At this time however, due to export control restrictions imposed by the U.S. Government, unfortunately we are not able to offer the online option to students located in Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Crimea. Newly admitted students in these countries are advised to request a 1-time deferral of their enrollment of up to 1 year, if they are unable to travel to the U.S. to begin the Fall 2020 semester. Current students in these countries who are unable to return to the U.S. should contact the IUPUI Office of International Affairs for guidance on their specific situation.

Newly admitted students for Fall 2020 may choose to attend in-person courses (if they are able to), to enroll in the online-only option, or opt for a 1-time deferral of initial enrollment for up 1 year.

There are a number of implications involved with enrolling in the online-only option for international students (those requiring F-1 visa), including required deferral of your I-20 and potential limitations regarding your eligibility to apply for Curricular Practical training (CPT) during and/or Optional Practical Training (OPT) after completion of your program. If you are an international student in this situation (either current, or newly admitted for Fall 2020) and are interested in enrolling in the online-only option, please contact Nicole Wittlief (wittlief@iupui.edu) for further information as soon as possible.

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