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International Program: Sun Yat-Sen

Sun Yat-Sen University's School of Software and the Department of Computer and Information Science, Purdue School of Science, IUPUI have established the collaborative international Sun Yat-Sen program.

Students complete two years of the program at SYSU and a second two years at IUPUI. Those who meet IUPUI requirements will be awarded the Purdue University Bachelor's degree. Students who meet all the requirements from Sun Yat-Sen University will be awarded the undergraduate graduation certificate and the Bachelor's degree granted by Sun Yat-Sen University. Both SYSU and IUPUI have exchanged descriptions of curricula, academic standards, and evaluation techniques; have established equivalencies between credits earned at SYSU and credits earned at IUPUI; and have determined that the degree programs offered by both universities can be completed by fully qualified students within four years.

The actual length of study will be determined by the student's credit-hour load per semester, and the student's enrollment in optional summer sessions.

Students enrolled in the Sun Yat-Sen program

Selected students enrolled in SYSU School of Software programs may choose plans of study that closely match the requirements of the computer science degree programs at the Department of Computer and Information Science, IUPUI. They must also meet requirements for the equivalent degree from SYSU School of Software.

  • Upon completion of the second year of degree applicable credits at SYSU, students with satisfactory academic performance, are eligible to be considered for transfer to IUPUI.
  • Each student is required to take a minimum of 60 credits at IUPUI. The typical number of credits earned for two years of study at IUPUI is approximately 60-65.
  • Upon completion of an additional two years of degree-applicable credits, students who meet all the requirements from IUPUI will be awarded the Purdue University Bachelor's degree
  • Students who meet all the requirements from Sun Yat-Sen University will be awarded the undergraduate graduation certificate and the Bachelor's degree granted by Sun Yat-Sen University.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 124 IUPUI credit hours must be earned in order to be granted the Bachelor of Science degree. Speak to your advisor about degree requirements and course equivalencies that shows which credits earned at SYSU will match those offered at IUPUI.

IUPUI-SYSU Admission Requirements & Application Process

Requirements for admission to IUPUI-SYSU collaborative "2+2" degree program

The following requirements apply to students of SYSU who wish to transfer to degree programs at IUPUI. Students should apply for transfer at the beginning of the final semester of study at SYSU:

  • Completed International Undergraduate Application Form. On this form, the student will indicate the degree track s/he intends to follow at IUPUI.
  • IUPUI International Application Fee as set by Indiana University Board of Trustees at the time of application.
  • Official transcript of all course work taken at SYSU and any other post-secondary institutions.
  • Grade point average of 75/100.
  • Confirmation from SYSU that the student meets SYSU requirements for program transfer to IUPUI.
  • Evidence of adequate proficiency with English language. The minimum IUPUI standard is TOEFL (iBT) of 61 or IELTS 5.5, or equivalent standard agreed upon mutually by SYSU and IUPUI. 
    Note:Upon arrival at IUPUI, students must take an English-language proficiency test. Depending on the results of this test, students may be required to take English for Academic Purposes classes that will be supplemental to the core plan of study.
  • Financial documentation. Evidence that the student has access to sufficient funds to pay for fees and living expenses while enrolled in a degree program at IUPUI. The required amount will be based on estimated expenses for tuition and living expenses updated annually by the IUPUI Office of International Affairs
    Note: The required amount is for admission and visa purposes. The actual annual expense may vary based on the credit hours taken and the cost of living.

Application to the Program

  • Please contact your school to make sure that you meet the SYSU requirements for program transfer.
  • All international transfer students must follow the application guideline and procedure established by the IUPUI Office of International Affairs. Click here to see application requirements and procedures.

Application Deadline

March 1st, Fall admission only

Resources for International Students

IUPUI - SYSU Program Costs & Scholarships

Cost and Funding

If you are requesting an I-20 in order to obtain a student visa, you must submit financial documentation verifying your ability to pay your tuition and living expenses. The required amount and the Financial Support Agreement can be downloaded here.

Note: The actual annual expense may vary based on the credit hours taken and the cost of living.


Students who are admitted into the 2+2 program will be eligible for one of the following scholarships: 
a. $6,000 per year for two years, if GPA is 3.3 and above. 
b. $5,000 per year for two years, if GPA is below 3.3.


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  • U.S. News and World Report ranks IUPUI 7th in "Universities to Watch," 2009. (article)
  • Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Partnerships, 2009. (article)
  • "Outstanding Student Retention Program", Educational Policy Institute, 2009. (source)
  • President's Higher Education Community Service Award for Excellence in General Community Service, 2014. (source)

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