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Undergraduate Student Resources

Computer Science Academic Advising

Whether pursuing internships or registering for classes, students can turn to their advisors for help. Advisors refer students to appropriate on- and off-campus resources, assist in academic planning, and provide career development support. New students are assigned an advisor upon admission to IUPUI and the School of Science.

Undergraduate Advisors:

Classes & Graduation

Current student advising portal

Academic Support Services

Computer Science General Education Tutoring Service

  • On-campus tutoring sessions are available for students enrolled in CSCI-N 200, CSCI-N 201, CSCI-N 207, and CSCI-N 211 - Fall 2018 hours TBD

Other Academic Support Centers

Forms & Applications

Useful Links

Requirements & Planning Sheets

Requirements & Planning Sheets

Requirements vary depending on concentration and the student's date of enrollment.  Details of all undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the IUPUI bulletin.

BA in Applied Computer Science

BS in Computer Science

BS in Computer Science - Biocomputing

*Students continuing under older plans of study may continue under their original requirements, or opt to complete the current requirements. Students must contact their academic advisor to request this change.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid

IUPUI awards more than $70 million in financial aid to qualified students each year. The Office of Student Financial Aid Services administers the programs that provide financial aid. Student eligibility is determined after our receipt of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the appropriate aid year.

Undergraduate scholarships

In addition to admission-based scholarships, scholarships are available to support research, diversity, community service, and international study for IUPUI students.

IUPUI Scholarship Central: For a complete list of scholarships available to IUPUI students, use the Office of Student Scholarships search engine. It quickly sorts through hundreds of scholarships and identifies which ones you are eligible for based on the information you enter about yourself.

See Science Related Scholarships

Pre-Professional & Career Preparation (PREPs)

The School of Science Office of Pre-Professional and Career Preparation (PREPs) for Science students offers career and professional development related to academic and career planning to help translate professional goals into reality.

Visit the Science career website

Annoying computer viruses lead to interest in computer science for undergrad

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