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New Face of the Bank of England's £50 Note

Follow the link below to read the BBC article about the new PS50 Note and how it features computer pioneer Alan Turing, written by Kevin Peachey.

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  • Career Connection - STEM Career and Internship Fair

  • Seminar: Kurt Luther

  • Multi-lingual Cyberbullying Detection System

  • Learning and Reasoning with Uncertain Information

  • Ten Questions Software Developers Should Expect in a Job Interview

    Follow the link below to read the Tech Republic article about what questions software developers can expect in job interviews by Alison DeNisco Rayome.

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    Want to Be a Data Scientist? Five Ways to Get That Job in Data Science

    Follow the link below to read the ZDNet article on what to take into account in order to get a job in data science by Mark Samuels.

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    School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2019

    This year 45 School of Science students are on the Top 100 list, up four students from last year. Students will be recognized at the Top 100 Students Recognition Dinner on April 12, 2019. The Top 10 students will be named during the dinner along with one student recognized as “IUPUI’s most outstanding student.”

    Computer science faculty member nominated for Tech Educator of the Year

    Jobs of the Future: Top Five Emerging Careers

    Follow the link below to read the New Straits Times article about the top five emerging careers in computer science by Zulita Mustafa.

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