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  • Automated Management of Bug Reports

  • Insider cyberthreats in government agencies hit all-time high, report says

    Follow the link below to read the TechRepublic article on insider cyberthreats written by Macy Bayern March 5, 2019

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  • Toward Fluent Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams

  • Improving Security and Reliability of Composite Systems

  • Traceability Queries and Strategies for Requirements Engineers

  • Detecting Human Behavior from Longitudinal Data Streams

  • Enhancing Crowd Sourcing with Game Theory

  • Application of Adaptive Techniques in Regression Testing for Modern Software Development

  • How to Land a Job in Fintech

    Follow the link below to read the SiliconRepublic article on how to land a job in fintech by Eva Short.

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    Software Developer Jobs Will Increase Through 2026

    Follow the link below to read the Dice article about how software developer jobs will be increasing over the next few years by Nick Kolakowski.

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