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Computer Science Seminar Series

Speaker: Mark Clerkin Location: SL 061

Data Science in Startup Environments: How to Prepare for Success

Data science in startup environments is fast-paced, dynamic, and requires a wide-ranging skill set. This lecture aims to create a framework for working within, and eventually leading, data science teams in small to mid-size companies. I will use examples from my background in high frequency trading and SaaS startups in order to articulate potential challenges, recommend approaches, and highlight communication best practices. The goal of this discussion is to prime attendees for success in their careers, regardless of the size of the organization they work within.


An experienced trader, engineer, and data scientist, Mark Clerkin has worked in both financial markets and startup environments.  He is a data scientist at venture studio High Alpha in Indianapolis where he helps run data science for various SaaS oriented startups.  Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics from IU Bloomington.