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William McBride, Professor

William McBride, Ph.D.

Professor, Professor of Psychiatry at Institute of Psychiatric Research, Department of Psychology


Undergraduate: Rutgers University
Medical School: State University of New York at Buffalo

Courses Taught / Teaching

Director of research training program in the genetic aspects of alcoholism and I am involved in the professional development of predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows within this training program.


Alcohol and nicotine addiction are major economic, social and health problems that affect millions of people within the United States and worldwide. Understanding brain mechanisms that regulate addictive behaviors will greatly aid our ability to develop effective treatment strategies and reduce the impact that alcohol and drug use has on our society. Therefore, my research is focused on understanding brain mechanism underlying alcohol and nicotine abuse.

Research: Brain mechanisms mediating alcohol and drug addictions, including neuronal circuitries contributing to genetic vulnerability to alcohol and drug addiction, co-abuse of alcohol and nicotine, and alcohol relapse.

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