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I'm a senior lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Science at Indiana University / Purdue University - Indianapolis (IUPUI.)

I teach the first two coursese for CS Majors at IUPUI. Computing I (CSCI 23000) is the first course for CS Majors. It is an introduction to computer science with an emphasis on programming. The first part of the semester covers introductory background topics, and the rest of the semester introduces programming; the language of problem-solving. We'll be using the Python language for much of this course.

I also teach CS 24000. This class continues to teach computer programming, but the emphasis is on the core topics of computer science. We investigate other languages, including C/C++ and Java, but the main focus is on data and algorithms, and how they can be implemented in various languages and environments.

I'm particularly interested in game development, and I teach two major-level game development classes: CSCI 43700 and 43800. This series will teach you the basic concepts of game development as a discipline and will give you an opportunity to learn 2D and 3D game development from the ground up as well as with any number of game engines.

I teach several classes in applied computer science including courses on basic CS theory, multimedia development, basic computing, virtual reality, game development, and streaming media.

I have developed and taught courses in a number of programming languages including Dynamic HTML, perl, Python, PHP/MySQL, Java, VB, C#, Flash / ActionScript, C and Pascal.

I have written a number of books on various computer science topics. Please see the books link for a description and links to books I have written.

I love to learn. I feel privileged to teach the fine students at IUPUI and beyond. I look forward to teaching and learning with you.



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