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Class Calendar for Spring 2009




(due on date assigned,

warmups due day before)


(listed on date assigned)

Week of 01.12.2009


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Reading Chapters refer to Loney, Oracle Database 10g The Complete Reference

Read: Syllabus

Watch: Introduction to Relational Databases

Read: Ch 1

Read: Ch 2

Read: Ch 4

Resource: Setting up PuTTY and WinSCP

Resource: Unix Basics

Rescoure: Unix Primer

Project 1: Connecting to an existing Oracle instance.

DUE: 01.19.2009

(These tables are already installed under the "practice" schema owner.)
Week of 01.19.2009 Basic SQL and SQLPlus Watch: Basic SQL and SQL Plus
Read: Ch 5
Read: Ch 6
Project 2: Basic SQLPlus Reporting.

DUE: 01.26.2009

Week of 01.26.2009 Data Modeling Watch: Data Modeling Introduction And Normalization
Watch: Data Modeling Entity Relationship Diagrams

Watch: Data Modeling Attributes, Roles, Subclasses, Keys and Weak Entities

Watch: Data Modeling Design Techniques

Watch: Data Modeling E-R Diagram To Relation Translation
Project 3: Data Modeling

DUE: 02.02.2009

Week of 02.02.2009  SQL Functions Watch: Queries
Watch: String Functions Demo
Watch: Regular Expressions Demo

Watch: Numeric Functions Demo

Watch: Date Functions Demo

Watch: Conversion Functions Demo

Read: Ch 7
Read: Ch 8
Read: Ch 9
Read: Ch 10
Read: Ch 11
Project 4: SQL Functions


Week of 02.09.2009 Complex Queries Watch: Complex Queries
Watch: Group By Clause Demo
Watch: Subquery Demo

Watch: Complex Possibilities Demo

Watch: Decode and Case Demo

Read: Ch 12
Read: Ch 13
Read: Ch 14
Read: Ch 16
Project 5: Complex Queries

DUE: 02.16.2009

Week of 02.16.2009 Data Manipulation Language (Inserts, Updates and Deletes) Watch: Data Manipulation Language
Read: Ch 15
Project 6: Creating Tables, Inserting Data

DUE: 02.23.2009

Week of 02.23.2009 Data Definition Language (Creating Oracle Objects) Watch: Data Definition Language
Read: Ch 17
Project 7: Advanced Scripting

DUE: 03.02.2009

Week of 03.02.2009 Security and Tablespaces Watch: Security
Read: Ch 18
Read: Ch 19
Watch Tablespaces

Read: Ch 20
Final Project Proposal

Resource: Final Program Database Programming

DUE: 03.09.2009

Week of 03.09.2009 Midterm (via Oncourse)    
Week of 03.16.2009 Spring Break (no classes)    
Week of 03.23.2009 SQL Utilities (Export, Import, Data Pump, etc.) Watch: SQL Utilities
Resource: UTL_HTTP and UTL_SMTP
Read: Ch 21
Read: Ch 22
Read: Ch 23
Read: Ch 24
Project 8: SQL*Loader

DUE: 03.30.2009

Week of 03.30.2009 PL/SQL Introduction and PL/SQL "Applications" Watch: PL/SQL Introduction
Read: Ch 29
Resource: Oracle PL/SQL Documentation
Final Project Entity-Relationship Diagram

DUE: 04.06.2009

Week of 04.06.2009  PL/SQL Triggers Watch: PL/SQL Triggers
Read: Ch 30
Project 9: PL/SQL Triggers

DUE: 04.13.2009

Week of 04.13.2009  PL/SQL Subprograms Watch: PL/SQL Subprograms
Resource: PL/SQL Subprograms

Read: Ch 31
Project 10: PL/SQL Subprograms

DUE: 04.20.2009

Week of 04.20.2009 Object-Relational Features Watch: Object-Relational Features
Read: Ch 33
Read: Ch 34
Read: Ch 36
Final Project Work Week
Week of 04.27.2009 Built-In Packages

SQL Tuning

Watch: Introduction to SQL Tuning
Resource: StatsPack
Read: Ch 43
Final Project Work Week
Week of 05.04.2009 Final Exam (via Oncourse)   Final Project

DUE: 05.08.2009

Instructor: Dale Roberts (, (317) 278-9045 (office), (317) 431-4997 (cell)


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