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Alabama St., Indianapolis will be reconstructed for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail project. These route panoramas are visual archive before construction.




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Route panoramas are ways to process information from a video camera mounted on a vehicle. A route panorama captures and displays miles of scenes along a route optimized to use as little data as possible. It captures scenes with a slit in the frame of a camera moving along a certain route. This presentation details new techniques which do not require image stitching and thus simplifies the input process. The resulting route panorama will not take overlapped scenes in consecutive video frames so that its data size is about 1/200-1/300 of traditional video sequences. The significant reduction of data makes many Internet based applications possible. Due to the completeness and compactness of this route panorama, it is an attractive choice for a new digital medium for environment archiving and visualization. 

From a projection point of view, a route panorama corresponds to a bended-parallel-perspective projection, which projects scenes towards a smooth path of camera moving along the route. With a web browser, people have been able to see some appearances of a space in a digital map. The next challenge is to show a space as complete as possible for virtual tour on low-end machines. We use route panoramas taken from the real world rather than graphics models, because image acquisition is easier than building 3D models.

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Traversing Streets

Scrolling Route Panoramas (click image to start virtual travel)

Where and When

Ancient Route Panorama

"A Cathay City" is a painting scroll with the length of 11m. It recorded prosperity of the capital city of ancient China in Song Dynasty 900 years ago

The First Boulevard of China

RP taken on a double deck bus along Chang An Boulevard in Beijing, China, 2000

Canal Waves in Venice

RP from a water bus along the canal of Venice, Italy, 2000

Residential Community

RP in a residential community of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 2002

Winter in Indianapolis

RP taken along Meridian St., Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 2003
Downtown Indianapolis

RP in downtown Indianapolis, 2004