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Intelligent Vehicle
Profiling Video
3D Impression
In Car Video
Line Sensor Network
3D Street Scanning
Mobile GIS
Digital City
Route Panorama
Virtual Heritage
Human Motion
3D Modeling
Collaborative Projects


Computer Vision
Image Processing

A computer tries to understand scenes and builds models of objects or environment by capturing various visual information with cameras --- a process from the real world to a computer world.

Image and video processing, 3D model construction, surveillance, laser scanning, urban modeling, medical image, recognition

Virtual Reality

A computer generates scenes as real as possible from the internal world and interacts with humans --- a process that a computer simulates the real world.

Virtual city walkthrough, image based rendering, panoramic viewing, animation

Internet Media
Digital Museum

Computers organize, distribute, and display a large amount of information to audiences by digital media --- the real world is shared via network.

Web application, media streaming, scene compression, media indexing, scene archiving, pervasive computing

Robotics & Sensor

A computer controls machines to work on their tasks based on sensor data --- the real world is mapped to the computer world and then feedback to the real world.

Visual sensor, laser sensor, line sensor, real time processing, sensor network, sensor-robot coordination, intelligent vehicle

Funding Sources

National Institute of Standards and Technologies, Department of Transportation, National Institute of Justice, TOYOTA USA, Ritsumei University, Institute of Museum and Library Services, AT&T (SBC Ameritech), Indiana University, Purdue University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, National Institute of Information and Communication Tecnologies Japan, Asahi Foundation, Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ogawa Foundation, ELEC Foundation, ECEI Foundation, Foundation of Information Science in Japan, Kyushu Institute of Technology



Last modified: 10/01/22