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Profiling Video
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Video indexing is important to video browsing, editing, retrieval, and summarization. This work takes a new aspect view to profile a video volume to a visual track and create a digest of video for preview. Our projected profile of video contains spatial and temporal information inclusively in a 2D image scroll that is continuous, scalable, and indexing to frames. We analyze the camera kinematics including zoom, translation and rotation, and categorize camera works for profiling various types of video. The key idea is to use a sampling line to sweep the video volume across the major optical flow so as to obtain an intrinsic scene space that is less influenced by the camera motion. We also use motion blur technique to render dynamic targets in the profile. The resulting video track can provide a video preview for guiding the access to the frames. It will facilitate video surveillance, visual archiving of environment, video retrieval, and video editing.


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