BA in Applied Computer Science

Learn how fundamental theories can be translated into real-world applications. Requires 120 Credit hours.

Minor in Applied Computer Science

Designed for non-cs majors to complement their field of study with CS fundamentals and practical applications. Requires 19 credit hours.

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Serving students from the field of science, new media, informatics, engineering and technology, business, education, art, pre-med, law, and many others!

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CSCI N431 E-Commerce with ASP.NET

In this class you will learn the critical pieces involved in setting up an E-Commerce website, for instance, website design, client-server communication, database design and development, web and database security, user management and transaction handling. You will learn to use the MS SQL Server and C# language on the ASP.NET platform and learn how to integration your site with PayPal service for payment processing. By the end of the semester, you will have a live web application running that can handle real-time transactions. This is a great class for CS majors or IT progessionals.

CSCI N311 Advanced Database Programming, Oracle

An advanced database class that gives you hands-on experience on the Oracle database. This class prepares for you to be an advanced database developer, database programmer and database administrator. Topics include database design, advanced SQL queries, functions and stored procedures, PL/SQL programming, triggers, backup and recovery, and database performance tuning. It adds great value to your skill set if you are interested in the field of web ceveopment, database administration, server administration, data mining, bio-computing, informatics, business, scicence, or any field that involves data management/analysis.

CSCI N305 C Language Programming

Why would you learn C?
C is a great language for expressing programming ideas that most people are comfortable with. A lot of principles used in C will be found in other languages such as Java or VB. C is relatively close to the machine, thus when you work with pointers, bytes and individual bits, lots of techniques used in other languages will make a lot more sense. You will have a much better understanding of how things work underneath the hood if you know C. If you want to do more than writing a simple web application, or if you want to write a fast game, C is a great choice. You will find this class very useful whether you are new or experienced in programming.

CSCI N201 Programming Concepts

If you are interested in knowing more about computer software and websites to increase your confidence in the computer field, or if you want to see what programming is like, this class is for you! In this introductory class, You will learn about basic programming concepts, create interactive web sites, improve logical thinking and problem solving skills, and above all, have a lot of fun! This class is typically taken by non-CS majors, and is a required class in the Applied Computer Sciecne Minor program.