Software Piracy and Egoism

The Scenario:

Professor Brown recently joined the staff at the University of Springs. This required a move for her entire family to the suburb of Springville, which was 10 hours drive from their previous home. Due to this move Prof. Brown's son, Chuck ( 8 years old), had to commence a new school in the middle of the school year. Initially Chuck was very distressed by the move and he did not seem to be able make new friends. Chuck was moody, difficult and very unhappy.

Finally Chuck met Debra. Debra and Chuck had a common bond in a great interest in computers. In fact, Debra was able to give Chuck copies of many great software games that she had, as she also had a CD burner at home. These games were all copyrighted software. Chuck now spent much of his time (out of school) playing these games with Debra. He settled down at school and was a much happier child.

Author contact information:

Annemeike Craig
Victoria University of Technology