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Section 25290, Distributed Education (DE)

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Class Calendar for Spring 2011




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Monday, 01/10/2011


Important: Clickto play lectures

Watch: General Information
Watch: Orientation

Read: Setting up PuTTY and WinSCP

Read: Unix Primer

Read: Unix Basics
Emacs Tutorial
Read: Emacs Cheat Sheet
Emacs Ref Card


Introduction to Computers

Watch: Hardware (1a)

Read: Deitel Ch 1 (PPT)

Try: How to compile your first program under Microsoft Visual Studio, or

Try: How to compile your first program under Linux



Computer Science in the Real World


DUE: 04.28.2011, Thursday


Introduction to Computers

Watch: Languages (1b)

History of Computing Hardwares
History of Programming Languages

Monday, 01.17.2011

Introduction to C Programming

Watch: A First C Program (2a)
Watch: Mixing Data Types (2b)
Read: Deitel Ch 2 (PPT)

Homework 1: Chapters 1 and 2

DUE:01.25.2011, Tuesday

  C Formatted Input/Output Watch: Basic I/O Printf (3a)
Watch: Basic I/O Scanf (3b)

Read: Deitel Ch 9 (PPT)

Project 1: Change Maker

Blackbelt Project 1

DUE: 02.1.2011, Tuesday

Monday, 01.24.2011 Variable Declarations, Data Types, Expressions Watch: Variables & Operators (4a)
Watch: Assignments (4b)



Structured Program Development and Program Control

Watch: Problem Solving using STAIR (5a)
Watch: Algorithms (5b)
Read: Deitel Ch 3 (
Read: Deitel Ch 4 (PPT)

Project 2: Find-A-Bank

Blackbelt Project 2


Homework 2: Chapter 4 Program Control

DUE: 02.08.2011, Tuesday

Monday, 01.31.2011

Structured Program Development and Program Control

Watch: Standard C Statements (5c)    
  Structured Program Development and Program Control

Watch: Add'l C Statements (5d)

Monday, 02.07.2011

EXAM 1 (via oncourse)






Watch: Declarations (6a)
Watch: Examples (6b)
Read: Numerical Representations
Read: Deitel Ch 5 (PPT)

Project 3: Math Calculator

Blackbelt Project 3

DUE: 02.22.2011, Tuesday

Homework 3: Chapter 5 Functions


Monday, 02.14.2011 Functions

Watch: Scope, Parameter Passing, Storage Specifiers (6c)

Watch: Recursion (6d)


Information Representation: Number Systems: Positive

Watch: Integers (7)
Read: Deitel Appendix C.


Homework 4: Appendix C Number Systems

DUE: 02.22.2011, Tuesday

Monday, 02.21.2011

Information Representation: Number Systems

Watch: Negative Integers (8a)

Project 4: Function Lab

Blackbelt Project 4 

Resource: Sample character shapes (You are still free to make your own shapes.)

DUE: 03.08.2011, Tuesday


Information Representation

Watch: Floating Point (8b)    
Monday, 02.28.2011

Information Representation

Watch: Characters and Images (9)  


Monday, 03.07.2011

EXAM 2 (via oncourse)




Monday, 03.21.2011 Information Representation Watch: Machine Instructions (10a)
Watch: xComputer Demonstration (10b)

Project 5: xComputer

Blackbelt Project 5

DUE:03.29.2011, Tuesday

Resource: xComputer Applet
xComputer OpCodes




Watch: Declarations (11a)

Watch: Strings and Parameter Passing (11b)
Read: Deitel Ch 6 (PPT)



Monday, 03.28.2011 Arrays

Watch: Multidimensional Arrays (11c)

Watch: Case Study (11d)

Project 6: Trip Driving Distance

Blackbelt Project 6

DUE: 04.12.2011, Tuesday

Monday, 04.04.2011 


Watch: Introduction (13a)

Watch: Call-by-Reference (13b)
Read: Deitel Ch 7(PPT)



Watch: Pointer Arithmetic (13c)    
Monday, 04.11.2011 EXAM 3 (via oncourse)      
  Characters and Strings Watch: Literals and Variables (14a)
Watch: Functions (14b)

Read: Deitel Ch 8 (PPT)
Project 7: Name Game

Blackbelt Project 7

DUE: 04.26.2010 Tuesday

Homework 5: Chapter 6 Arrays and Chapter 8 Strings;

DUE: 04.19.2010 Tuesday

  Structures Declarations (15a)
Functions and Arrays (15b)

Read: Deitel Ch 10 (PPT)
File Processing Read: Deitel Ch 11 (PPT)  




Discussion Topics:

Course Evaluation

Watch: Ethics in Computer Science (12)

Ethics Prereading: (with emphasis on sections 2 and 3)

1.  Ethics Quiz
2.  Hacking
3.  Computer Ethics
4.  Privacy
5.  Snooper Bowl
6.  Whistle blowing
7.  Piracy  



Monday, 04.25.2011

EXAM 4 (via oncourse)



Thursday, 04.28.2011



 Due: Computer Science in the Real World


Lecture Instructor: Lingma Acheson (



01/07/2011 08:18 PM


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