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The dead runners society does not endorse nor recommend any of the products or services mentioned here (though some of us have tried them and do have our opinions). This page is provided as a courtesy to deads that have commercial ventures, or those sites that have provided information that has some how contributed to our running well-being (or they are just neat-o ideas). Your mileage may vary. ;-) Books: The Athlete's Bookstore dead owned and operated How to use the Foot Arch Correctly Web Sites SLB Coaching dead owned and operated Virtual Personal Trainer dead owned and operated SLB Coaching dead owned and operated Treadmill Reviews Beginners Guide to Running Runners guide to training technique The Achilles Tendon Encyclopedia Performance Runner Online database of road races with prizes RunWorks Running articles and content, VDOT-based training calculator Pace Setter Athletic Let's Run Running Singles Run, Walk, Jog Running Usa Home of Team USA Distance Running Winning Stats Run Don't Walk Cool Running Super Slow Exercise Guild RunChat/SportsChat Foot Health Network (now in 5 languages) Fast Track Online The Running Page The Running Network The Hotel Guide , great for travelling runners. AppliedSport Psychology World Run Day U.S. based info on ultra running Runners Circle RaceGate online race registration for many U.S. races How to Be Fit Sweat It Out Peak Performance Online Road Runners Club of America Run The Planet Trail Runner Online Magazine RunnersLog web based interactive logging software Adventure Team Outdoor Sports Racing Underground Products: Running Start dead owned and operated Runner Bill's Sports dead owned and operated go2altitude Portable-2006 Hypoxicator Soark dead shirts and singlets The Athlete's Bookstore dead owned and operated Runner Bill's Sports dead owned and operated Pepper Spray for Runners Succeed (Karl King's Kaps) for before, during and after long runs or races GU Breakfast of Champions! :-) Patt Strap Products Fabrifoam� supports and wraps - Free World Shipping Wrist Cell Phone Holder Runner Art - digital watercolours Foot Care Products Revel Running Supply Carb-BOOM Energy Gels Campus Quilt Company The Footstore all things feet Sure Foot (ice joggers, shoe repair, cushioning inserts and more) Treadmills Central all things treadmill Bright Ideas Safety Products One More Mile Fun Place for Wick-lite Clothing Thatfootthing: A warm and cold rolling foot massage device Arch+Aid compression wraps Kastner Shoes for great traction in bad weather Goose Tracks T-Shirt Quilts SnowPack Cold Therapy Medical Hosiery, Footcare, and Orthopedics Supports Planet Outdoors huge selection of outdoor gear FS-1 Speedometer wireless clip sensor for extensive monitoring technical headwear for runners Inexpensive Running LogBooks Lightwave 2000 flashlight lasts 14 days on 3 AA batteries Hypoxic Room System sports bras Foot Maxx orthontics, inserts and corrective measures for feet Services: SLB Coaching dead owned and operated Asphalt Green non-for-profit fitness (New York) Action Sports International Sports Photography Knowledgebase for Working Out Don Lemmon, personal trainer Andes Adventures Adventure Sports Adventure Team Runners Roost Nike Running Camps Running Past Athletic Annex (shoes and clothes). Speed Soles and other assorted services and products Road Runner Sports Contour Pak Sports gelpack KIP RunPacer Marathon Tours and Travel On-line Software: deadware The Athlete's Diary (deadware ;-) Pace and Race Time Finish Calculator (Jim Fiore) Race Time and Training Pace Calculator Based on VDOT (Jim Fiore) TrainingLog (Mac-Based) Winning Stats free online running log Mapper Distance Measuring Software Body Fit Fitness software CrossTrak Log-a-Jog Active Log Run Coach training RunLog There are many other pages we could list here, but keeping them all is impossible. Look for this list to change often, and look for other links on the pages you get to from here. Send Comments, Questions or Suggestions to Good Luck on your Project Ms. Ward's Class! Last Modified: August 18th, 2014