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Manufacturer Product Ingredients Uses
DuPont Coolmax® 4 channel polyester fibre wicking
Dupont Thermastat® Polyester wicking, warmth
W. L. Gore and Company Goretex® (introduced 1978) Laminate for nylon and polyester (polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE) water resistance, wind resistance
Dupont Supplex® Nylon with Lycra®
Dupont Coolmax Alta® wicking
Patagonia Capilene® wicking
3M Thinsulate Contains 50 percent recycled polyester fibers containing a minimum of 27 percent post-consumer waste. insulation
Isolfil® Polypropylene wicking, warmth
Spandura Cordura fibers spun around a Lycra core
Lycra memory
Cordura strength
D3 Technology

RELATED LINKS Coolmax (1997 DuPont web info) Layering More Layering Suggested layering for temperature Fahrenheit: 40-50 Tights, long sleeve T shirt, maybe double t-shirt if windy 33-40 Nylon over shorts, t-shirt 25-35 Nylon over shorts, t-shirt, cotton gloves, knit hat 20-25 Gore-tex over shorts, t-shirt, cotton gloves hat 20-25+wind-chill (down to 15 without winds) Gore-tex over polypropylene, cotton gloves + gore-tex mittens, knit cap 0-15 Gore-tex over polypropylene + t-shirt, same gloves, hat Krashnote: Dress like it is 20 degrees warmer than it really is. Send Comments, Questions or Suggestions to
Last Modified: June 23, 2011