Dr. Snehasis Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Dr. Snehasis Mukhopadhyay Ph.D.
Department of Computer & Information Science
Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis
723 W. Michigan Street SL 280
Indianapolis Indiana 46202-5132

Email: smukhopa@cs.iupui.edu
Telephone: (317)274-9732
Fax: (317)274-9742
Teaching Assignments
Grants Fellowships
(a) External Grants:
    1. Indiana 21st Century Fund: Discovering the Secrets
of Regeneration: A Comparative Strategy (Investigator for the Bioinformatics
component of the project, PI: David Stocum, Many other Investigators)
(total amount: $1,680,884.00): Indiana 21st Century Fund, 2004-2007.
2. National Science Foundation (NSF):
Project ENABLE: Learning Through Associations in a Grid Based
Bioinformatics Digital Library
(co-PI with Javed Mostafa as PI),( $ 449,562): NSF, 2003-2005.
3. National Institute of Health: PRE-NPEBC: Indiana
Program of Excellence in Biomedical Computing, (amount: $ 1,059,645)
(Investigator with Clement J. McDonald as Program Director,
and many other Investigators), 2002--2005.
4. National Science Foundation:
ITR/IM: An Active, Personalized, Adaptive, Multi-format
Biological Information Delivery System (amount: $ 494,298)
(PI with J. Mostafa, M. Palakal, R. Raje and S. J. Rhodes as co-PI's):
National Science Foundation Information Technology Research (ITR) Initiative,
5. National Science Foundation (NSF):
A Distributed Information Filtering System for Digital Libraries
(Amount: $ 314,000) (co-PI with M. J. Palakal, J. Mostafa, and R. R. Raje):
NSF Digital Libraries Initiative, 1999--2002.
6. Eli Lilly and Company:
Intelligent Software System for Biomolecular Database
Access and Analysis (Amount: $ 24,700) (co-PI with M. Palakal,
W. Liu, J. Mostafa, and R. Raje): Eli Lilly and Company, 1999--2000.
7. National Science Foundation (NSF):
Adaptation and Learning in Distributed Systems Using Neural
Networks(Amount: $ 232,000) (PI): NSF CAREER Grant, 1996--2001.
  (b) Internal Grants:
    1. IUPUI: A New Paradigm for Integrated Modeling and Optimization
of End Milling Using Artificial Intelligence, IUPUI OPD Interdisciplinary Project grant, 200-2003, Amount: $ 7,200, co-investigator with H. El-Mounayri.
2.IUPUI: Development of Intelligent Health Monitoring Lab for Engineering and Medical Applications, IUPUI Research Initiation Fund, 2000--2002, Amount: $ 164,000, co-investigator with R. Pidaparti and M. Palakal as co-directors.
3. Indiana University :
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (1000 hours), supercomputing grant, Indiana University,
Bloomington, IN, 1999.
Computer Networking: A Present Need and a Future Direction
(Amount: $ 3,000) (co-PI with R. R. Raje):
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Office of Faculty
Development, 1996.
Explorations in Applied Computing(Amount: $ 3,000) (co-PI with
R. C. Y. Chin):
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Office of Faculty
Development, 1995.
  (c) External Grant Proposals Pending
    1. National Institute of Health (NIH):
Integrated Genomic and Biomedical Data for Discovery,
(PI of the IUPUI subcontract, Dr. Milton Datta of Medical College of
Wisconsin is the overall project director) ($ 400,000): NIH Pending,
1. National Science Foundation (NSF):
Biological Multidimensional Associations and Pathways (BioMAP):
Developing a secondary knowledgebase of large scale biological databases
(Amount: $ 493,524) (co-PI with Mathew Palakal as PI): NSF
Pending, 01/01/04-01/01/07.
2. National Science Foundation (NSF):
Information Exchange, Adaptation, and Learning in Distributed
Decision-Making and Control (Amount: $ 360,208) (PI with K. S. Narendra
of Yale University as co-PI): NSF Pending, 2003-2006.
2. Eli Lilly and Company:
Knowledge Extraction from Multiple Sources for Clinical Trials Data
(Amount: $ 52,500) (PI with M. Palakal and J. Huang as co-Pi's):
Eli Lilly and Company, 2004--2005.
  (d) Other Submitted Proposal Efforts
    As a PI or co-PI, participated in the writing and unsuccessful submission
of many other proposals to various agencies on information management,
distributed systems, and bio-informatics.